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Sunday, December 28, 2014



After you've spent several minutes in praise and worship
enter a time of confession and repentance.
I teach this sequence because in Matt. 6:9, 12 Christ taught the disciples to "hallow" God's name first, then ask for forgiveness for sin.
However, I've experienced times when my heart was too full of sin and conviction to begin with praise.
Sometimes, based on Is. 59:1-2, you may need to begin your
prayer time with repentance rather than praise.
The Is. passage indicates that, when we have rebelled against God, all He wants to hear is repentance.
David's prayer of repentance simply started with the words,
"Have mercy upon me"!
As you become increasingly sensitive to the Holy Spirit, you will discern times when your prayer life needs to begin with repentance rather than praise.
Your heart will feel burdened with sin and anxious for relief.
No matter what, practice a time of confession and repentance DAILY!
(Beth Moore)

Psalm 51
Psalm 139:23-24
These are the places I start.  I often ask Him to show me hidden places in me that are not pleasing to Him.
Some verses I use for praying during this time is Romans 12:1-2, actually I like to pray through the whole chapter.  Phil. 2: 3-5 is another one I use.
It is good to start the day fresh with humility and a clean slate.  After all His mercies are new every morning and great is His faithfulness.

Please share with us some of the verses you use to pray!

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