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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Opting out!

Do you sometimes opt out of a situation?  You just don't want to be a part of something and don't want to think about it?  You just want to veg?  You just don't want to deal with it?  Is there so much noise around you that you cannot think?

It is easy to opt out these days.  There is so much social networking and noise that can block it all out.
Facebook, pinterest, internet games, tv, you fill in the blank ________________.  You get on line just to see who is on facebook and that leads to other sites and first thing you know, you have been on there for 1+ hours and have not really done anything.  We even have smartphones that tell us when we have new e-mails, facebook notifications etc........  Oh and those mindless games that we can all get caught up in.  I find that it is particularly easy to do when dealing with lots of hard times in ones life.  In reality, we are only filling our minds with junk!  Does it bring us peace, no!  Now, I am not saying that all those things are bad, but, they are if you want to opt out.  

I have been going through a series of hard trials and I have to say that I have been caught up in those non-stimulating things.  I come away feeling more empty and wondering why I am so tired and not productive.  I have wasted so much time........

I don't think that getting on the internet is always a bad thing, or watching a good movie etc.  We just do not need to be consumed by it.  So how do we stop from letting mindless things consume us?
~ we don't have to check several times a day who and what is happening on facebook, twitter, etc.
~ we don't have to play that game several times a day.
~ we don't have to check our e-mail constantly
~  walk away from your phone, and shut off your will hear it when it rings.

What did we do when we did not have all this multi-media?  
And, to think we survived just fine without it.
I have been known lately to forget my phone when I go out shopping.  I just don't want to be tied down to it anymore.  I have lived through emergencies just fine when I did not have a cell phone.
I am thankful for my cell phone and computer......I like to keep in touch with my family and friends and it helps out a lot when it is needed. It has a time and a purpose.  
I just don't want it to consume me!

So, I start each day with Him in His word eagerly seeking a fresh word from Him for the day.  (I have never been disappointed).  
So now when I want to opt out of something I run to my scripture memory spiral and meditate and memorize on God's Word to help me see clearly His will.  It brings peace and great joy as I walk with Him.  I am constantly memorizing and meditating on His Word to see me through the hard times.  It brings refreshment to my soul.  And just when I need healing or a word from Him, the Holy Spirit reminds me of a verse that is just the right fit at that time.

And yes, I do use my phone for my memory is great to have when I am sitting somewhere waiting for an appointment, etc.

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