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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two little boys

Right now in our lives, we have been given the privilege to take care of two little boys.  They were pulled from their home and they were scared, fearful and wanting control of something in their young lives.  Even, though we knew them well, before they came to us,  it was scary to them to be taken out of what was comfortable to them.  
At first, we had to reassure them that we were not going to leave them.  It was not easy for them to adjust to our life style.  And it was not easy for us as well,  we are almost empty nesters and nearing retirement age.  Where would we get the energy to keep up with these two active ones?  Where would we get the wisdom to raise them and meet their fears and teach them?  
We are learning much through these two little guys!  As we teach them about Jesus and His love for them, we are learning and leaning much on Jesus to guide and lead us.  
For me,  it has shown me how much He loves me and puts up with so much of my selfishness and rebellion.  He is so patient with me!  He is so faithful!  As I see how much He loves me, I in turn can love these little ones with a love that I do not possess on my own, but only through the love that Jesus has for me.  
We have a quiet time with them every morning and they look forward to it.  We pray with them.   We are encouraged to see God working in their young lives.  One has shed the security of his favorite pet pillow (that went everywhere with him)!....that brought great encouragement to me.  
I am not sure of how long they will be with us...but we are using every opportunity to teach them about Jesus.  
This is not what we would have chosen at this time in our lives, but God!  I just love but God, just when we  think we have it all figured out, He changes things and it is definately for our good.  Trust Him!  He is faithful!

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