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Beach Time
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

its been a long time

I know I keep saying that I will do better at this whole blog thing......sorry that I have not been doing that.
A new beginning!

I love to spend time with the Lord in His word every morning!  Just Him and me!
How about you are you doing that?  What is He showing you.

I am so glad that I do spend time with Him in the morning, because I never know what my day will hold.  So glad that it is the day that He has made and I am glad and rejoice in it.   So feeding on His Word in the morning is so important for me.

I have had a full summer so far.....working alot at our business, (which I am usually just in the background) helping out where needed and then helping my nephew to raise 7 children on his own...long story, and sick in-laws.  Doing a Nehemiah study with Beth Moore and her blog world.
I am learning this summer about His steadfast love!  He is faithful!  I truly can follow Him and His leading.  I just need to ask Him for everything and I mean everything.  He cares about it all, the big and the small.

When life seems out of control, remember He is not!  He is steadfast!
Hopefully, I will be on here more sharing what God is doing in my life.
So how about you?  Would love to hear what God is doing in your life.

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