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Saturday, November 24, 2012


We have started a tradition in our has been years that we have done the same thing every year....actually since I was a kid.   Thanksgiving and Christmas was always at my parents home.  Unfortunately, when my mom passed that all ended.  We tried to keep it up, but then when dad passed it was definately over.  We sibling just kept to ourselves and our own families.  Well, now that has ended.....yeah!  We had the best Thanksgiving!  My nieces and their families came over and our friends also stopped by.  We all shared in making the meal....yummy!  The guys had their fun with the guns and watching the game.   We made gingerbread houses and cookies with the kids.  This actually was our second year.  So glad to be back together with my extended family.
So what do you do on Thanksgiving?  Any traditions?

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